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"My Counsellor was caring, gentle and understanding so I was finally able to talk, she really helped me."

Our core service is one-to-one bereavement counselling for children, young people and adults who live, work or study in Kingston upon Thames.

Our Counsellors have undertaken specialist bereavement training.
Counselling sessions usually take plac
e in Welcare House, near Kingston town centre - an online option is sometimes available.
After an initial consultation
*  with a Counsellor, clients are usually offered ten free counselling sessions.
* There is a £30 charge for your initial assessment.  If you are on benefits the cost is £5. 
If finance is a barrier to you attending,
please talk to us.  


"I think your charity is a godsend for people facing loss and terrible grief."
Therapy Session
" I can't talk to my Mum and I can't upset her anymore than she already is."
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