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Students in Classroom
“We would like to set up a support group for some of our pupils who are bereaved. Would you be able to help us with the programme?”
School Teacher
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We are able to offer all schools in Kingston upon Thames a free one and a half hour staff training workshop for inset or twilight sessions on An Introduction to Childhood Bereavement.


As a professional working with a bereaved child or young person, you may find that you are the one person they feel they can turn to for support outside their family, who may also be grieving at this time. This can seem to be a daunting task.

Many young people will experience a significant death during their school years. Research has shown that around 1 in 29 children and young people aged 5 -16 have experienced the death of a parent or sibling. So, as a teaching professional, it is likely that a child with whom you are working has been affected by a significant bereavement.



We offer support to any professional working with bereaved children or young people as well as people working with children in a social capacity, such as through a youth group, cubs, scouts, brownies, church groups etc.

  • We can provide information, advice and support informally over the telephone or by email. Alternatively, we can provide specifically prepared training packages.

  • Our schools information pack can be adapted for other settings and we are happy to share this you.

  • Although we do not provide individual support for children and young people when someone close to them has a terminal condition, we are able to advise you on sources of support at this difficult time in a child’s life and signpost you to other organisations.


Please contact us to discuss any support or information that you may need. Visit our resources page for more useful information, books, websites and other organisations that can also help.


Tel: 020 8547 1552     


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