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The bereavement training was really beneficial and will enable me to support clients in my organisation who have experienced a bereavement."
Support Worker



As part of our service, our clinically trained professionals can provide bereavement awareness training to other organisations and professionals, including voluntary groups, health and social care agencies, care homes, hospitals and local employers. 

Bereavement is an issue we all have to face at some time, yet it can be a difficult subject to deal with. Many employers find it difficult to know how to respond when an employee is bereaved; to be compassionate towards a bereaved colleague shows they are supported and valued.

The training can be tailored for an organisation and its staff. Our core two-hour workshop would help participants to:

  • Understand what is meant by bereavement and grieving

  • Be aware of how loss can affect both ourselves and those close to us

  • Know where to get support for bereavement issues

  • Increase their confidence in addressing and managing bereavement issues at work and at

     home, including communicating with colleagues who have suffered a bereavement.


Workshops can be held at our offices in Canbury Park Road (close to Kingston town centre, rail and bus stations) or at an organisation’s own offices. Please contact us to discuss how we can support your organisation.


Our specialist service for children and young people - the Saying Goodbye Project - provides childhood bereavement training for schools, children’s health and social care services, youth offending teams and other organisations working with young people. We can equip them with the skills and knowledge to provide initial quality support for grieving children, young people and their families. 

For more information about our training for schools, organisations and professionals working with children and young people, visit the Saying Goodbye Project page.

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